How do you get paid?
Even though our comprehensive estimates help to maximize your Insurance benefits we charge only for the repair and restoration service work we do.
How do I pay you?
We are paid from the Insurance proceeds, there is no additional cost to our services.
What if my insurance doesn’t cover your estimate?
We agree to accept the Insurance Company settlement estimate as full payment for our services.
What warranty do you offer?
We offer a 5 year warranty on labor and support the manufactures warranty for the quality products we supply.
What assurance do I have you will really finish the job?
We don’t bill for the completion of the job until you are 100% satisfied.
Can I make changes to my house?
The Insurance proceeds are your money, you choose how to spend it not us.
How long does it take to complete repair?
From the time permits are issued repair time can vary from 2 to 6 months depending on the amount of damage.
How long does it take to settle the claim?
There are many factors that affect the time to settle a claim with an Insurance Company. We can’t control the time it takes but, we can assure you delays will not be caused by inaction on our part.
My Insurance Company is pushing their contractor’s, do I have to use them?
All policy holders have the right to choose whoever they want to perform repairs on their property. The question to ask your Insurance Company is why would they not want you to use someone they don’t control?
My insurance company says if I hire an outside contractor it will delay the process. Is that true?
Most of our customers are much more interested in a fair and equitable settlement in writing than just speeding ahead without having all the facts.
If I hire you do I need a Public Adjuster?
We don’t need a Public Adjuster to complete a comprehensive detailed estimate for you.
What’s the difference between you and a Public Adjuster?
Our expertise is the repair and restoration of you home and personal property. We are not licensed by the state to negotiate the claim as your representative.
Do you charge more than the Insurance Company contractor?
We use the same industry wide damage repair software and price list that 90% of the industry uses.
Why is your estimate typically more than the Insurance company contractor?
We simply include more items in your repair estimate than the contractors that depend on the Insurance Company for their livelihood.
Why should I hire a contractor now?
It helps you get everything you are entitled to sooner than later.
How do I know you will deliver on what you promised me?
All our commitments are made in writing for the protection of both parties.
How can I tell if I’m getting fairly compensated by my Insurance Company?
Our customers have found hiring experts is one sure fire way.
Do I lose control if I hire you?
You take control of your claim when you hire us, we work exclusively for you.
Who is in charge of my insurance claim?
You are in charge of your claim. You only give up control of your claim to the Insurance Company if you let them have it.
Who decides what products and colors go back in my house, tile, carpet, windows, cabinets, etcetera?
You do, we carefully document your selections prior to ordering work or materials.
Are you and your workers fully insured?
All company employees are directly covered by our million dollar Insurance policy. All Subcontractors have certificates of Insurance on file with us.
Do you use an in house crew or do you use subcontractors?
We have been in business 30 plus years, during that time we have tried it both ways. We found when it comes to quality and price the guy digging a ditch one day and wiring your electrical panel the next can’t come close to the level of workmanship you get with qualified Subcontractors.
Why do people recommend using the same company for my personal property restoration and construction repairs?
If you have a question or concern you can go to one company versus chasing down multiple vendors.
Have you worked with my insurance company or adjuster before?
Working exclusively in fire damage restoration we consistently work with the same Companies and Adjusters over and over. Chances are we have worked with the Insurance Company and Adjuster associated with your claim.