After the unfortunate event of a fire has occurred, there are two entities you must deal with in order to restore your home—your insurance company and a fire damage restoration contractor. Your insurance company is obviously chosen, and you can quickly file a property insurance claim. However, choosing a fire damage restoration company is a little different, and there are certain factors and criteria one must look for in order to ensure that the company you choose is reputable, professional, and will perform the work to your complete satisfaction.

 1. Insurance Claim Help

This is one of the most important and beneficial things a fire damage restoration company can do for you. Handling a property insurance claim with your insurance company can be trying and difficult at times, especially if it seems as if your insurance company is seeking to give you a low appraisal. They might also have their own contractor selected to perform the repair and restoration services. However, you DO NOT have to utilize their suggested contractor. You are free to choose who you like. You’ll definitely want to choose a contractor who will help negotiate your property insurance claim on your behalf, enabling you to get the full value of the repairs. 

In addition, a reputable fire damage restoration company will lend further assistance by providing insurance claim help via strategies and negotiations intended to ensure you receive compensation for everything your insurance company might have initially missed.

 2. Experience and Assurance

You’ll want to do a little research to see how long a fire damage restoration company has been performing their services, and look for reviews to see how well they have performed. Hire someone with expertise in the repair and restoration of a home and personal property. The company should also offer you a warranty on labor and support, and have proper insurance for their own workers and any subcontractors.

 3. Cost and Details

After your property insurance claim has been filed, most fire damage restoration companies will provide you with a free consultation and appraisal of the work to be performed. In addition, you should be able to receive the complete details of the restoration process, as well as an estimate of how long the work will take. The more information you have, the less worried you’ll be.

These three factors are important enough, but it is also important that you feel you are working with a company that is dependable and will provide you with peace of mind throughout the whole process. Dealing with a property insurance claim in the initial stages can be overwhelming—Freeman & Sons will attempt to ease the burden and reduce the stress as much as possible.

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