Fire Damage Restoration & Fire Insurance Claims Services

When the pressurized smoke permeates every nook and cranny of your house…beyond blanketing every exposed surface, smoke infiltrates attic spaces, wall spaces, under floors, behind baseboards, anywhere and everywhere.

If you’ve suffered loss from a house fire… and you want to get everything your insurance company owes you (so your home can be thoroughly repaired and made “as good as new”)… then you’ll definitely want to consider hiring Freeman & Son to work on your behalf.

Here’s why:

Freeman & Son has been earning the trust of Southern Californians since 1972. We’ve got more than three decades of experience in construction, of which 20 years have been focused specifically on fire damage restoration.
Freeman & Son helps fire damage victims in two specific ways:

  •  First, we help you get all the money that you’re owed under the terms of your insurance. Insurance companies are notorious for paying out as little as possible. We are often able to help you get 30-100% more than your insurance company’s initial offer.
  •  Secondly, we repair your home and make it as good as new. And if you look at our Before & After pictures, you’ll see that many of the fire damage repairs are actually a major improvement over the original construction!

It all starts with a free no-obligation phone consultation. Call us at (800)-778-8910 to get started today! Or click the Get Started button to learn more about how we can help you.

Some of Our Results…

  • Initial Offer Amount: $36,058.00

    Final Collected Amount: $60,182.86 Percentage Increase 66.9%

  • Initial Offer Amount: $117,601.11

    Final Collected Amount: $231,567.00 Percentage Increase 96.9%


Bob Stoddard: “Freeman & Son’s accurate estimates and scope of work assessments turned our tragedy into a new beginning.”

- Bob Stoddard, Orange